Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values


Animal Manor strives to create a comfortable, sociable environment and promote a naturally integrated atmosphere for our animals. We believe that freedom, socialization and inclusion are key factors in the rehabilitation and  well-being of our occupants.


We will advocate for those without a voice through community awareness and education. Through training and rehabilitation, we will strive to make each animal happy, healthy and available for adoption.

Core Values

Accountability - In addition to our responsibility for the health and well-being of our occupants, we are responsible for educating our community and conserving our environment.

Community - As a sanctuary, we strive to improve our community by accepting local occupants first, including the animals that local rescue groups cannot accommodate. We will also work with Trap/Neuter/Return groups to help control the feral cat population and work to educate our community about this program and its purpose.

Passion - We are passionately committed to saving our animals, preserving the environment that surrounds them, and helping our community.